[aerogear-dev] Push!

Glen Daniels glen at thoughtcraft.com
Mon Sep 17 19:01:56 EDT 2012

Hey team,

So thinking a bit about the Android roadmap, and realizing that for
either the Android or the iOS libs to work well (i.e. without killing
the batteries of end-users' phones), we're going to need to do push

A quick recap - if we want to know when data on the backend has been
updated without a manual "refresh" button, we either have to 1) poll
(which sucks, uses network resources, and doesn't work in the background
on iOS devices) or 2) use push (for which there are specific APIs for
Android and iOS, and there are also "higher level" push service
providers such as Urban Airship).

Yes, polling can be used as a fallback, but for any serious application
that needs live or background updates, push is the only way to go.  Yes,
this means another coupling point to "our" server (or at least
contract-compatible servers).

Just wanting to make sure that this is on everyone's radar.



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