[aerogear-dev] Site review: general feedback

Matthias Wessendorf matzew at apache.org
Wed Sep 19 04:27:24 EDT 2012


a few questions/suggestions on the site

* HOME page => iOS section
 - It says "Download Now (Coming Soon!)", however on CocoaPods we
already have three releases, should we add a link here? Or do we wait
on the DMG format (see [1])?
 - Include the github repo for the 'view source' link?

* Download section
 - Like above should we add a download link here? Or do we wait on the
DMG format (see [1])?

== Documentation ==
* Specifications
 - Should we name this section 'API documentation'? Right now it is
'just' API docs - or do we provide 'specs' here in the future?
=> We could than also break it down into "Client API docs" (e.g.
Android, JS,...) and "Server API docs" (e.g. aerogear-controller)

 - Should the link to AeroGear.js point to http://aerogear.github.com
resource ? Or is it correct that it points to a 'self hosted' API doc
(I guess at some point we need versioning - yes, we spoke about that
in the past :) )

 * Contributing to AeroGear
 -> Is this link getting enough visibility ? :)

* Guides (Tutorials, gettings started docs, how-tos)

==> I think we should do some 'grouping' here, folks that are
interested in 'getting started', probably don't care that much about
'How to Handle AeroGear Pull Requests' or 'AeroGear GitHub Workflow'
initially.... IMO looks a bit overloaded (unorganized)...

===> Suggested groups for the "Tutorials, gettings started docs,
how-tos" (sub)section:

* Supported Platforms
AeroGear Browser Support Targets

* Getting Started:
Get Started With HTML5 Mobile Web Development
Deploying HTML5 Applications to Openshift
HTML5 Mobile Quickstart & Archetype Deep Dive
HTML5 + REST Applications
Cordova Setup
Converting an AeroGear HTML5 + REST Web App to a Hybrid App with Apache Cordova
Get Started with Hybrid Application Frameworks

* Contributing to AeroGear
Contributing to AeroGear
AeroGear GitHub Workflow
How to Handle AeroGear Pull Requests
AeroGear JIRA Usage and Guidelines
AeroGear Licensing and Copyright


[1] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AEROGEAR-443

Matthias Wessendorf

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