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Glen Daniels glen at thoughtcraft.com
Fri Sep 21 08:01:03 EDT 2012

Hi Bruno,

On 9/21/12 5:22 AM, Bruno Oliveira wrote:
> Glen, please rebase it and give the credits to the author.

A little more context : there wasn't a lot of commit history on my repo,
so I figured preserving it wasn't very important.  In particular (since
I think this might be what you're concerned about), the stuff from
Daniel wasn't an explicit contribution with a git history, it was just
my reusing a bunch of code from his prototype.  I did point to his repo
in the last commit message on the gdaniels/aerogear-data repo.

If it's attribution you're concerned about, I can simply add a note to
the README, or amend the initial commit message?

Kris just explained on IRC how to overwrite a repo with the contents of
another (via force push) - I'm happy to do that to copy over the commits
from https://github.com/gdaniels/android-data, but it seems like a lot
of work for minimal gain.

So I could:

1) Add acknowledgements to the README or last commit msg
2) Copy over the old repo (add aerogear/aerogear-todo as a remote of
gdaniels/aerogear, then force-push - then move things around a little to
get rid of empty top-level directory)

Thoughts, Bruno and others?


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