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Kris Borchers kborcher at redhat.com
Thu Sep 27 19:39:04 EDT 2012

Thanks again Dan. Responses inline.

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Kris Borchers wrote
> Dan and others,
> Thank you to all of you for your feedback. We were also unsure about the
> tagline and just the other day decided to change it to "Open-Source
> Libraries for Mobile Connectivity". I would be interested to hear any
> feedback you might have on that wording as well.
> Thanks!
> Kris

Kris and Matthias,

I noticed the new tagline as soon as I came back to the site to check on the

I agree, that's a much better tagline. In our minds, we often want to
include all the details to be as accurate as possible. However, to someone
looking for a software library, they have a much higher-level need in mind.
Thus, having a tagline like "open source libraries for mobile connectivity"
keeps it simple enough to be sticky while still capturing the library's

At first I was going to suggest reintroducing HTML5 in the tagline, but then
I realized that allowing that to be implied works much better. While HTML5
is certainly relevant on the desktop, it really impacts the mobile
experience and hence it's reasonable to assume that if you say "mobile",
then HTML5 must be nearby.

Also, we are creating libs for native iOS and Android (and eventually BB and WP possibly) so mentioning HTML5 would leave them out.

Just one small thing, I would recommend dropping the hyphen in "open
source". I'm pretty certain it's right either way, so dropping it here just
makes it cleaner.

I am ok with that so if there are no objections I'll remove the hyphen.



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