[aerogear-dev] Pre-release announcement of iOS libraries

Christos Vasilakis cvasilak at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 01:36:10 EST 2014

Hi AeroGear community,

we are happy to announce a pre-release of our various iOS libraries. Here are few of new features introduced in each respective list:

- aerogear-ios-jsonsz (new)
	A newly introduced library which will take care the cumbersome plumbing required when performing JSON serialisation back and forth from your Swift object model. For an example usage of the library together with our http-lib check our Buddies cookbook example.
- aerogear-ios-http
	We added the ability to perform basic/digest authentication when performing REST Requests. Check out our Authentication cookbook example, for an example usage of the API but remember to prefer HTTPS over plain HTTP when performing authentication of this type.

- aerogear-ios-oauth2
	Continuing the development of our OAuth2 library, OpenID Connect support was added to the library in the form of a ‘login’ request. Checkout out our ‘SharedShoot’ cookbook example that login's to KeyCloak using OpenID connect for an example usage.

- aerogear-ios-httpstub
	Stubbed responses from the local file system can be used instead of coding them in your code. This will make easier to stub responses, especially big ones and be much ‘closer’ to the reality. Check out our tests for an example usage.

Last, this release introduces Cocoapod support for our libraries. Although Cocoapods hasn’t yet officially support ‘Swift’ that is planned for the next 0.36 release, a branch on the project is working on it and already libraries starting to adopt. Just make sure to include a Gemfile in your project pointing to that cocoapods branch (see here for more detailed instructions) and in your Podfile include the desired library. For example usage, see our cookbook repository where all of our demos have been converted.

So, give the libraries and demos a spin and let us know what  you think. If no bad things heard we are planning to tag and officially release 2.1 this Friday.

Have fun!

Corinne & Christos

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