[aerogear-dev] Replace Factory by Registrations

Karel Piwko kpiwko at redhat.com
Mon May 5 12:04:59 EDT 2014

Do you guys plan to only replace factory pattern by registrations or also
include second part of the Tadeas' proposal - making generics a first class
citizen of API?



On Mon, 5 May 2014 10:40:07 -0300
Daniel Passos <daniel at passos.me> wrote:

> A long time ago Tadeas Kriz had a awesome idea to kill the ugly factory and
> replace it for registrations[1]. Summers and I have been thinking about it
> and we'd like to replace it in 2.0. So, we are starting the new agdroid
> library for offline and we'd like start it using registrations[2] instead
> Factory.
> Wdyt? [1] https://gist.github.com/TadeasKriz/e0f5583e2a24c32dc253 [2]
> https://gist.github.com/danielpassos/088498b553699f23ff51

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