[aerogear-dev] [UPS] UI for Sent Push stats

Matthias Wessendorf matzew at apache.org
Wed May 7 05:54:17 EDT 2014


as discussed , we need some sort of 'stats' around push, like:
* time of sending
* receivers (e.g. categories, alias ?)
* content/payload of the message
* could be sent out to APNs/GCM

But, where, or how to add this ?
My current thought is:

When a user did select an "Application", he enters the "Application Details
Page" (see [1]), now here, on the sidebar (see [2]) he would see the
"Notifications" icon.

Clicking on that  "Notifications" icon, would give you a new page, that
contains the "Send Notifications..." button (currently located in [1]), and
a table of all the push messages that were sent out for the _current_
selected Application.

Any thoughts ?



Matthias Wessendorf

blog: http://matthiaswessendorf.wordpress.com/
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