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Hylke Bons hbons at redhat.com
Tue May 13 04:47:14 EDT 2014


Depending on the use case, it may even deserve its own spot in the 
sidebar. Like already mentioned on the thread, it's better to keep the 
number of items there fixed. We may have have several entry points to 
the logs, and an overview of some statistics can be useful as a landing 
page before going into "Applications".

Let's step back for a moment before looking at the UI: What are we 
trying to solve by providing a log?

- Let administrators know everything is going well? (or, that there was 
a problem?)
- Looking at resources used? Bandwidth, costs?
- App adoption/growth numbers over time? How well is my app doing?

I'm not sure about the technical possibilities. Thoughts?



On 07/05/2014 10:54, Matthias Wessendorf wrote:
> Hi,
> as discussed , we need some sort of 'stats' around push, like:
> * time of sending
> * receivers (e.g. categories, alias ?)
> * content/payload of the message
> * could be sent out to APNs/GCM
> But, where, or how to add this ?
> My current thought is:
> When a user did select an "Application", he enters the "Application 
> Details Page" (see [1]), now here, on the sidebar (see [2]) he would 
> see the "Notifications" icon.
> Clicking on that  "Notifications" icon, would give you a new page, 
> that contains the "Send Notifications..." button (currently located in 
> [1]), and a table of all the push messages that were sent out for the 
> _current_ selected Application.
> Any thoughts ?
> -Matthias
> [1] 
> https://github.com/hbons/aerogear-design/blob/master/Unified%20Push%20Server/Export/6.png
> [2] 
> https://github.com/hbons/aerogear-design/blob/master/Unified%20Push%20Server/Export/3.png
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