[aerogear-dev] First go at stats/activity wireframes

Matt Carrano mcarrano at redhat.com
Mon May 19 11:48:04 EDT 2014

Hey Hylke,

This is looking good. I had a few minor comments/questions about the layout and labeling.  Take a look at the marked up wireframe (attached).


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Here are some updates based on the feedback from the meetings: 
- Simplified dashboard stats
- Apps notifications table
- Defined entry points

Let me know what you think. I hope that covers everything.



On 15/05/2014 16:19, Hylke Bons wrote:
> Hey,
> Here's an initial version:
> https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hbons/aerogear-design/master/Unified%20Push%20Server/activity-spec.png
> I tried to incorporate most wishes expressed in the other thread.
> Most notable things:
> - Landing page with an overview of stats, most active apps, and error
> messages
> - Activity table shows both registration and notification events
> - Activity table is per variant, and not all activity on the server.
> Unless there's a usecase to have every event for every app/variant in a
> table I don't think we actually need it. The important thing is to get
> to error messages easily.
> Things to do/think about:
> - links/entry points to the activity table
> - filtering the activity table
> This is just the first iteration and we will improve on this.
> Let me know what you think.
> Thanks,
> Hylke
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