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Lukáš Fryč lukas.fryc at gmail.com
Thu May 29 07:20:03 EDT 2014

Hey guys,

Viliam asked me to forward his review notes/remarks here:

Nice job, Viliam, I will incorporate your suggestions.

Btw the overall state of UX improvements is tracked here:



~ Lukas

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I went through the console code. Overall, it looks just fine. Previously
I thought I'll just put comments into the code and make a commit. Since
I found only a few issues, it's not worth it. So here is my list:

* The name of your angularjs module is "newadminApp". I think it should
be something like "agconsole".

* You're missing feedback for user on many places. If the error says
'Something went wrong...', it doesn't say much to a user. Even changing
it to denote the current operation would be better, something like
'Unable to create new application'. On most of the $resource.* methods
you're missing the feedback, too. For most of them the information about
success would be annoying, but maybe it could be interesting for user to
see errors like 'Unable to get the application list, check your
connection to the server...'. When my session to the console timed-out,
the operation I was trying to do (renaming of app) didn't do anything,
but I had no clue why.

* AFAIK it's considered a bad practice to use jQuery inside controllers.
You use only two $ functions: $.extend and $.ajax, which can be replaced
with angular.extend/angular.copy and the $resource service. If you can't
find a way how to do something without jQuery inside controller, maybe
creating of custom directive is the right solution, but this doesn't
seem to be the case.

* It seems that you're using several switch statements just to assign a
value based on input. This seems to be a good candidate for using a map.

* Notifications - they are inside ng-view pages. It looks fine and works
for your current purposes. But if you make some new page in the future,
which redirects you (i.e. creating a new entity, after submit, user is
redirected to entity list with newly created stuff), you may loose the
message. Another disadvantage of this is non-consistent L&F for feedback
messages. The advantage is, that you're not covering any content with
the message as LO does.

* In installation.html I see stuff like <col width="45%">. I think this
should be rewritten to use the bootstrap grid layout (classes like

* We use our custom directive lo-autofocus for the 1st input in modals.
Right after the modal pops-up, user has the focus on the first input and
pressing enter submits the modal.

* The last one is not a problem at all, I just don't feel right about
it :) You use $window.location.href instead $location.absUrl(). They
seem to do the same, but since you don't use any other $window stuff,
using $location makes more sense to me.

Btw, we were thinking about creating a dynamic creation of breadcrumbs,
too. But since we didn't want to have them fully dependent on the URL
(URLs could change for us in the future), we didn't do it. Are you sure
you want to make url and breadcrumbs to be linked this way?

Anyway, congrats, you did good job with the console and this review
helped me to get aware of some problems the LO console may have, too.

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