[aerogear-dev] Helping us to release iOS 2.3

Corinne Krych corinnekrych at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 05:34:28 EDT 2015

Hello iOS lovers,

We’re preparing iOS 2.3 release. Main focus of this release has been to move our Swift repo to iOS 8.3 (swift 1.2) and some improvement on OAuth2 support.

As a result of the miration to Swift 1.2, most lib will need a release:
• aerogear-ios-push
• aerogear-ios-sync
• aerogear-ios-sync-client
• aerogear-ios-http
• aerogear-ios-oauth2
• aerogear-ios-jsonsz
• aerogear-ios-cookbook

Here is the content of our release:

This thread is the place to shout it out loud if you find something wrong.
If everything goes smooth, a tag and cocoapods release will happen on Fiday 24th April.


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