[aerogear-dev] GSOC First month update

Summers Pittman supittma at redhat.com
Thu Jun 29 08:17:48 EDT 2017

Very cool!  Keep up the good work.

On Thu, Jun 29, 2017 at 6:01 AM, Polina Koleva <polina.n.koleva at gmail.com>

> Hey :)
> This first month of GSOC is almost finished. The integration of Kafka in
> UPS is 90% done. We now have our first consumer and producer in the
> project. The next step is working on Java EE programming model for Kafka.
> Matthias has already implemented a library kafka-cdi
> <https://github.com/matzew/kafka-cdi>which provides some basic
> functionality, so we can extend it if we need something more in the UPS.
> Another topic that we will work on during the next month is Kafka Security,
> Kafka Streams and Kafka on Openshift. We are still in process of defining
> more concrete tasks for these epics.
> We have done some pull requests and we will be really happy if we receive
> your feedback so we can improve the code and merge them as soon as possible
> so we can continue our work.
> 1) First Kafka consumer
> <https://github.com/aerogear/aerogear-unifiedpush-server/pull/853> -
> an addition of first Kafka consumer. It updates metrics how many times the
> app was opened because of push notification.
> 2) Set up Kafka test environment
> <https://github.com/aerogear/aerogear-unifiedpush-server/pull/848> -  add
> really simple Kafka producer/consumer test cases
> 3) Add Kafka CDI library dependency
> <https://github.com/aerogear/aerogear-unifiedpush-server/pull/855> -
> include the library for Kafka CDI in the project
> 4) Add first Kafka producer
> <https://github.com/aerogear/aerogear-unifiedpush-server/pull/841> - add
> a first producer that writes to a topic how many times an app was opened
> because of a push notification (metrics update)
> 5) Describe installation of Kafka
> <https://github.com/aerogear/aerogear-unifiedpush-server/pull/838> -
> write readme file about the installation of Kafka and how to integrate it
> with UPS
> Thanks in advance.
> Polina
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