[bv-dev] Bean Validation 2.0 Final Release

Matt Benson mbenson at apache.org
Thu Aug 3 09:50:48 EDT 2017

Great news, and great work everybody.


On Aug 3, 2017 6:02 AM, "Gunnar Morling" <gunnar at hibernate.org> wrote:

Hi all,

I'm very happy to report that we've passed Final Approval Ballot for BV
2.0, with all 25 JCP EC members voting with Yes [1]!

The next step will be to do the final release of the spec, API and the TCK
(i.e. version 2.0.0.Final). The spec and the API are re-tagged releases of
CR3. The final release of the TCK contains one actual change, as we spotted
a flawed TCK test which got fixed since the CR3 [2].

These releases will happen today, followed by the Final RI release tomorrow.



[1] https://www.jcp.org/en/jsr/results?id=6033
[2 https://hibernate.atlassian.net/browse/BVTCK-183]

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