[bv-dev] Diff with changes done for Bean Validation 2.0

Gunnar Morling gunnar at hibernate.org
Wed Jan 11 10:29:02 EST 2017


Thanks to the help of Guillaume, we now have a way to view the full
diff of changes done for the Bean Validation 2.0 spec.

You can find the link(s) under "Resources" on
http://beanvalidation.org/specification/. This gets you to diffs of an
AsciiDoc file containing the full spec, with all sources included. As
we pull in actual source files from the beanvalidation-api into the
spec, getting the full picture was rather inconvinient before.

The GitHub diff view takes a bit to load, I hope it continues to work
as the number of changes grows. You also can view the diff locally by
running "git diff" on the "spec-full" branch of the
beanvalidation-spec repo.

Having a coloured diff of the output (HTML) would be a tad nicer, but
it's not supported by AsciiDoc currently. If needed, we may experiment
with some external HTML diff tools, but I think so far the AsciiDoc
diff isn't too bad (after all, AsciiDoc is meant to be human readable
by itself). It already helped to find a few glitches that had sneaked


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