[bv-dev] Bean Validation 1.1 -> 2.0 review

Emmanuel Bernard emmanuel at hibernate.org
Fri Jun 2 03:35:44 EDT 2017

Hey all

I could not do much but I promised Gunnar to review one last time the 1.1 -> 2.0 diff
http://beanvalidation.org/2.0/spec/2.0.0.beta2/diff/diff-to-1.1/ <http://beanvalidation.org/2.0/spec/2.0.0.beta2/diff/diff-to-1.1/>

I did not find much and dod not checked it all but here is at least a few things

Example 3.10: Multi-valued constraint declaration using explicit @List annotation
I’d put in the example title that it is a discouraged pattern

"composing constraints are directly given on the composed constraint” -> "composing constraints are directly given on the composed constraint (i.e. via the repeatable annotation feature)"

"refers to the left-to-right order” -> I got puzzled by that one especially as we can put them on new lines. I would say “refers to the order in which they are declared”

Example 3.21 / 3.24
I find it odd to ahve the private method return null
Can we make it a full example?

4.1 add an exemple of non generic container usage maybe

A value extractor for java.util.Optional:
Maybe a comment reminding that the null is passed to have no path node entry

Maybe more to come later

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