[bv-dev] Spec question on constructors

Gunnar Morling gunnar at hibernate.org
Fri Jun 16 15:29:55 EDT 2017

Hi Matt,

I agree that this sentence shouldn't be there in the JavaDoc; I reckon
it's a copy & paste mistake from getConstraintsForMethod().

Indeed the RI doesn't return a descriptor for a super-type
constructor. Do you know whether it's the same for Apache BVal? If so
I think we should remove the sentence from the JavaDoc. I don't see it
as a migration concern if no certified impl ever implemented that


2017-06-15 17:15 GMT+02:00 Matt Benson <mbenson at apache.org>:
> The last paragraph of section 5.6.5 states that inheritance rules do
> not apply to constructors as these are not inherited. However, the
> Javadoc of BeanDescriptor#getConstraintsForConstructor(Class<?>...)
> says "Constructor of super types are considered." While it could be
> possible to implement this, what would be the point? These notions
> feel at odds with one another.
> Thanks,
> Matt
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