[bv-dev] Proposed Final Draft submitted

Gunnar Morling gunnar at hibernate.org
Thu Jun 22 04:52:13 EDT 2017

Hi all,

As discussed, I've submitted the Proposed Final Draft (2.0.0.CR1 in
our versioning scheme) to the JCP last night.

You can find the full spec and diffs here on our website:

* http://beanvalidation.org/2.0/spec/2.0.0.cr1/
* http://beanvalidation.org/2.0/spec/2.0.0.cr1/diff/diff-to-1.1/
* http://beanvalidation.org/2.0/spec/2.0.0.cr1/diff/diff-to-2.0-beta2/

As always, let's wait with spreading the news on Twitter etc. until
it's published on jcp.org, which should be the case within the next
few days.

Currently we're working on updating the RI and the TCK to align with
CR1, corresponding releases should be out next week.

As we're in the CR phase ("candidate release") now, the work should be
considered feature-complete. Forward going, changes should essentially
be limited to critical adjustments, bug fixes, clarifications,
cosmetic things like formatting, JavaDoc, and things like that.

My current thinking is to release a CR2 (just on beanvalidation.org)
mid next week, with any improvements we've done by then.

The submission for the Final Approval Ballot needs to be done by July
5th. I.e. we have two weeks remaining to hone and polish the spec.
Again, please use this time for reviewing and proof-reading -- any
feedback you may have is much appreciated.

If you see any open issues or have any concerns or questions about the
path going forward, please let me know.



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