[bv-dev] validation-configuration.xsd and value-extractors

Christian Kaltepoth christian at kaltepoth.de
Sat May 20 03:14:07 EDT 2017

Hey Guillaume,

I think that this is a matter of taste, but I don't think that an extra
wrapper element is necessary. So I'm fine with the current way of doing it.
Not sure if using a wrapper element is an "usual convention". But I'm not
strong on this one.

Other thoughts?


2017-05-18 11:35 GMT+02:00 Guillaume Smet <guillaume.smet at gmail.com>:

> Hi,
> In the current revision of the spec, the value-extractor element is at the
> same level as message-interpolator for instance.
> So, when you want to add several value-extractors, you end up having the
> following:
> <validation-config>
>     <message-interpolator>org.hibernate.beanvalidation.tck.
> tests.integration.cdi.managedobjects.MessageInterpolatorUsingDepend
> encyInjection</message-interpolator>
>     <value-extractor>package.MapKeyValueExtractorUsingDepen
> dencyInjection</value-extractor>
>     <value-extractor>package.MapValueValueExtractorUsingDep
> endencyInjection</value-extractor>
> </validation-config>
> I was thinking that we should maybe wrap it into a value-extractors
> element. It would be nicer and more consistent with the usual conventions.
> What do you all think about it?
> --
> Guillaume
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