[bv-dev] TCK expects tolerance of mismatched constraint and constraint validator

Matt Benson mbenson at apache.org
Fri Mar 16 14:44:35 EDT 2018

On Mar 16, 2018 1:39 PM, "Matt Benson" <mbenson at apache.org> wrote:

FrenchAddressListContainer defines @FrenchZipcodeListContainer as a
constraint that is validated by FrenchZipcodeConstraintValidator, but that
class declares its constraint type parameter as @FrenchZipCode.

Same for FrenchZipcodeMixDirectAnnotationAndListContainer.


that CV type does not override #init() this presumably works in the RI, and
the spec is a bit vague on this point, but the interface definition
describes type parameter A as "the annotation type handled by an
implementation." The spec section ConstraintValidator resolution algorithm
also correlates constraint A to the type parameters of the
ConstraintValidators described in the resolution rules. Finally, I don't
see anything under "What's new in 2.0" to indicate that this should be a
legal constraint definition.

Can I get a ruling? :)

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