[cdi-dev] Moving to JSR-348

Mathieu ANCELIN mathieu.ancelin at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 07:48:55 EST 2011


2011/12/7 Pete Muir <pmuir at redhat.com>

> Joseph, Norman, Mathieu, George, Richard, Werner, Jerome, Antoine, Mark,
> Siva,
> We would like to move JSR-346 to the new process defined by JSR-348.
> The JCP PMO have raised two points:
> 1) A unanimous yes vote from the EG members listed on the JCP page
> http://www.jcp.org/en/jsr/summary?id=346 makes it clearer we can move.
> 2) The JSR submission makes note of a private alias for EG members. We've
> not used that at any point, so we would also like a clear vote from you to
> remove that private alias.
> Finally, I've clarified the feedback process at
> https://github.com/jboss/cdi/wiki#wiki-feedback - you might want to
> subscribe to cdi-feedback. I will forward anything relevant to cdi-dev
> anyway.
> Pete



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