[cdi-dev] LifeCycle Event Callbacks and Interceptors

Adam Bien abien at adam-bien.com
Wed Jun 15 12:28:32 EDT 2011

HI Pete.
On 01.06.2011, at 14:19, Pete Muir wrote:

>> From 7.2 of the CDI spec:
> "Invocation of lifecycle callbacks by the container are not business method invocations, but are intercepted by intercept- ors for lifecycle callbacks."

> and 
> "If, and only if, an invocation is a business method invocation it passes through method interceptors and decorators"
> So the CDI spec is fairly clear that around invoke interceptors are not called for lifecycle callbacks IMO. If you want this clarified, please open a CDI issue + provide a patch/pull req for suggested changes (as I see it, it's quite clear so I wouldn't know how to improve it ;-).

but in EJB 3 lifecycle callbacks like e.g. @PostConstruct are defined.  IMO CDI should also propagate this callbacks to the application.
> On 30 May 2011, at 23:21, Jens Schumann wrote:
>> Hi all!
>> Recently I have noticed that OWB does not apply (class/method)
>> interceptors to lifecycle event callback methods. I 've chatted with Mark
>> and he referred me to the list. He tried to remember his research on this
>> topic and made the point that class interceptors should probably be
>> applied. However he has the feeling that pure method interceptors may not
>> be applied for lifecycle event callback methods since those methods are no
>> business methods.
>> It seems that neither the CDI spec nor the interceptor spec covers the
>> topic for all variations. After reading the interceptor spec again
>> (chapter "Interceptors for LifeCycle Event Callbacks") I would follow
>> Marks assertions.
>> What do you think? Is there anything missing within the CDI spec (and OWB
>> of course)?
>> Jens
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