[cdi-dev] Work done on CDI-1.1 spec

George Gastaldi gastaldi at apache.org
Mon May 2 21:25:25 EDT 2011

Hello all !

I started some work on the specification, but I still have some doubts
regarding to how should we develop this specification. I forked
pmuir´s GitHub repository and commit it some changes to my fork,
however, the build.xml script is not working and the DocBook found
there is the final draft of JSR-299.

I propose that :

1) A new GitHub repository be created. The jsr-299 folder must be
copied to a jsr-346 folder or we should adopt a new structure (should
the api be placed there also?).
2) Maven-based build instead of Ant (To be discussed).
3) EG members should fork the original repository and work on their
issues on their forked repository, creating a branch for each issue /
feature. This way, we could merge the specification changes as they
are completed (To be discussed also).

I believe that these doubts may be answered in the kick-off meeting,
but I really would like to hear from you what would be a better

PS: BTW, it would be nice to have a Google calendar set or something
to schedule these meetings.


George Gastaldi

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