[cdi-dev] Proxy implementation leaks

Pete Muir pmuir at redhat.com
Mon May 9 11:02:54 EDT 2011

On 9 May 2011, at 15:51, Christian Bauer wrote:

> On May 9, 2011, at 16:49 , Pete Muir wrote:
>> The init of bar will happen lazily upon first call to a method of Foo. I never loved this behavior but never found a better alternative.
> I thought that this is probably well known by programmers of Weld/CDI, I've seen the toString() hacks. Not so much by users though.

It's not currently specified which way this should happen. Agreed that it should at the very least be consistent, and probably doing up front init is best. I've created https://issues.jboss.org/browse/CDI-125 to clarify.

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