[cdi-dev] Cluster lifecycle events

Pete Muir pmuir at redhat.com
Wed Oct 26 06:42:51 EDT 2011

Hi Kristoffer,

It's a very interesting idea. The one big issue I can see is that Java EE doesn't specify anything around clustering at all, so specifying this would be hard, as we would building on extremely shaky foundations!

I would suggest at least putting an issue into the CDI issues tracker so that we don't loose the idea.

Have you implemented this for a Java EE 6 container?


On 26 Oct 2011, at 11:23, Kristoffer Sjögren wrote:

> Hi
> CDI 1.1 defines a set of lifecycle events related to different context
> within the application, but we see a need to define cluster lifecycle
> events for applications.
> These events could, for example, be used for subscribing/allocating
> and unsubscribing/deallocating external services/resources.
> More specifically, a @Cluster event that gets fired when an
> application gets @Initialized in the cluster, that is, post
> @Application @Initialized. And another @Cluster event that gets fired
> when the application get @Destroyed in the cluster, that is, pre
> @Application @Destroyed. These events only fires once per application
> and cluster, independent on how many cluster instances exists.
> Events are fault tolerant meaning that events are not affected by
> failing instances going out-of-service, as long as the cluster is
> still working. Notice that the @Destroyed event is of course only
> invoked if the cluster terminates gracefully.
> Is this something you have considered earlier or is it worth
> discussing/specifying further?
> Cheers,
> -Kristoffer
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