[cdi-dev] Alternative producer methods

Mark Struberg struberg at yahoo.de
Sun Apr 1 09:51:05 EDT 2012

Dear EG colleagues!

I have a question about @Alternative on producer methods:
consider the following class:

// here is NO alternative annotation!

public class AlternativeOnProducerMethodOnlyBean {
   @Produces  @Alternative
   public IProducedBean generateBean2() {..}

So the class itself is NOT annotated as @Alternative

I'm not sure if 5.1.1 allows this or the other way around: if this must be supported.

Imo the important parts are (from 5.1.1)
> Each child <class> element must specify the name of an alternative bean class. 

> If there is no class with the specified name, or if the class with the specified 

> name is not an alternative bean class, the container automatically detects 

> the problem and treats it as a deployment problem.

The question is now how 'an alternative bean class' is to be interpreted ^^
The first paragraph of 5.1.1 says:

>  An alternative is selected for the bean archive if either ...
> * the alternative is a producer method, field or resource, and the 

> bean class that declares the method or field is listed, ...

But does this qualify the AlternativeOnProducerMethodOnlyBean as 'alternative bean class'?

Any ideas?

Btw: the whole topic of disposal methods for @Alternative producers are completely unspecified...


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