[cdi-dev] how to proecess the CDI @Singleton and EJB @Singleton?

Mark Struberg struberg at yahoo.de
Tue Apr 24 04:50:31 EDT 2012


@javax.inject.Singleton is completely underspecified in JSR-330 and thus deliberately left out in the CDI spec at all.

If I get back to Wards original Singleton definition "Singleton means to create exactly one single instance (of a certain kind) in a well specified context" then the @Singleton is exactly worth nothing. Because it doesn't say anything about in _which_ context it should behave like a singleton!

Is it 1 instance per Java VM? 1 instance per EAR? 1 instance per WAR? 
The EJB singleton is at least clear that it's 1 per EAR.


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> Hi,
> I know there is a @javax.inject.Singleton in the CDI, and another from 
> EJB spec, is there any discuss bwteen the two export group and has a 
> plan to deprecate one ?
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