[cdi-dev] How to process the @ManagedBean from JEE and CDI managed bean.

Mark Struberg struberg at yahoo.de
Tue Apr 24 05:07:57 EDT 2012

The @ManagedBean from EE6 was added in the last seconds before the EE6 umbrella spec got finished. Long after all the other specs went final. There is just no use for it. No other spec ever uses it. Plus the visibility and detection rules just clash with the rules of the other specs.

When do some specs finally end up adding prospect functionality which is of no use? *bangshisheadonthedesk*
EE @ManagedBean is just fu**** up s***t


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> Hi,
> In java EE 6, there is a ManagedBean spec in the core, but it is not a 
> standalone spec, @ManagedBean has basic lifecyle,  @Predestroy 
> @Postconstrcut...
> As a developer, I hope all Container managed beans(JSF managed bean, 
> EJB, MDB, WS etc) are refined from this ManagedBean, including CDI Bean. 
> Thus we   it seems smooth to developer like like Spring framework 
> provided...
> Regards
> Hantsy
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