[cdi-dev] Producer#dispose(T instance) and similar

Mark Struberg struberg at yahoo.de
Tue Dec 4 09:16:19 EST 2012


I'm currently stumbling over implementing 

Producer#dispose(T instance) properly

The Producer#produce(CreationalContext)

has the CreationalContext parameter but the dispose and others do not have it.

Problem here is that a Producer could probably get exchanged via a portable extension via ProcessProducer#setProducer(Producer) so it could be from a foreign source which must not know anything about container implementation details.

What now about having an interceptor on @PreDestroy? This is what you get if your interceptor has a at PreDestroy method himself as per the interceptors and EJB specs. That would mean that the instance passed to dispose() whould be the proxy? That purely sounds wrong to me.

Another issue being InjectionTarget#postConstruct() only having the instance T as well. Now what about @PostConstruct interceptors as defined in the interceptors spec?
Currently we have a dirty hack in OWB to pass over the CreationalContext which contains the dependent scoped interceptors for our own Producers and InjectionTargets. But I have no clue yet how that should get implemented if one plugs in a portable Producer via an Extension ^^

Who is responsible of performing the interception? The Producer? Or must the instance being handed into already be a Proxy?


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