[cdi-dev] action items for tomorrows EG meeting

Pete Muir pmuir at redhat.com
Mon Dec 10 07:30:54 EST 2012

Hi guys

I've raised moving javax.enterprise.util to somewhere common (i.e. common annotations) before with the Java EE spec leads, as the JAX-RS guys would like to be able to reuse AnnotationLiteral and TypeLiteral. It got rejected as it was felt there wasn't enough reason, however if we move interceptor bindings with the new @Priority annotation to interceptors spec, then we need to put @Nonbinding somewhere common, so I've asked the Java EE spec leads to reconsider :-)


On 10 Dec 2012, at 09:36, Jens Schumann wrote:

> Hi all!
> Am 09.12.12 23:33 schrieb "Mark Struberg" unter <struberg at yahoo.de>:
>> 3.) Jens pinged me offline to take a look at the current @Transactional
>> discussion, but for that we need @Nonbinding in the 'new'
>> commons-annotation spec. Pete recently mentioned that there is new work
>> done in commons-annotation (@Priority).
> Mark referred to the mail from Paul and my reply
> http://java.net/projects/jta-spec/lists/users/archive/2012-12/message/0
> http://java.net/projects/jta-spec/lists/users/archive/2012-12/message/1
> Even though I don't like the current rollbackOn/dontRollbackOn approach
> there might be a need for @NonBinding that can be used by JTA (and others)
> easily. At least it would be required by the current interceptors spec.
> Jens
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