[cdi-dev] Session Bean business interface inheritance

Martin Kouba mkouba at redhat.com
Tue Jun 5 11:50:48 EDT 2012


recently we had an issue with regard to Session Bean business interface inheritance when running CDI TCK 1.0.4.SP3 on GlassFish - see also WELD-1133 [1]. The following discussion revealed possible specification conflict (EJB 3.1 vs CDI 1.0). Pete Muir asked me to write some brief summary. So here it is :-)

The problem: it seems that session bean business interface inheritance is not allowed in EJB 3.1
( Session Bean Superclasses)

Let's assume this code:

interface Bar {}

interface Foo extends Bar {

class FooBean implements Foo {

According to the spec (EJB 3.1) the set of exposed client views of FooBean should only be Foo. Not Foo and Bar.

However the CDI spec defines bean types for a session bean in a following way: "The unrestricted set of bean types for a session bean contains all local interfaces of the bean and their superinterfaces" (3.2.2. Bean types of a session bean).

Note that some EJB implementations DO support this kind of inheritance out of the box (e.g. JBoss AS 7 EJB module).



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