[cdi-dev] Problem with CDI and weblogic

JJ Snyder j.j.snyder at oracle.com
Tue Jun 5 12:11:33 EDT 2012

Do you have a war that you can send me (with source)?  I can test it out 
for you and see what the issue is.


On 05/19/2012 06:05 AM, Mehdi Heidarzadeh wrote:
> Hi @all
> I have a bean annotated with @Named and @RequestScoped.
> It is working perfectly in Glassfish 3.1.2 but when I deploy it in 
> Weblogic 12.1.1 I get the following error!
> Caused By: org.jboss.weld.exceptions.DefinitionException: WELD-000075 
> Normal scoped managed bean implementation class has a public field:
> public at Named @RequestScoped class 
> com.x.y.web.monitoring.MonitoringController
> I don't have any public field in my bean!!! all of them are private 
> and I use getters and setters.
> Is this a bug in weblogic 12.1.1 ?
> How can I update weld version in weblogic?
> Thanks in advance.
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