[cdi-dev] Support Request (and Conversation?) Scope in @Singleton @Startup @PostConstruct methods

Mark Struberg struberg at yahoo.de
Thu Mar 15 07:26:27 EDT 2012

Simply as that: as the EntityManager per spec doesn't implement Serializable.

Also the EJB spec explicitely states it as well in Section 4.2:
> - A container must not passivate a stateful session bean with an extended 
> persistence context unless ...

Thus an Extended EM doesn't need to be Serializable. If you build a feature based on the assumption that each EntityManager is Serializable, then it will result in non-portable behaviour.

Well, in JPA-1 it would at least have been possible to implement a Serializable EM, but in JPA2 you are mostly out of luck.

There are tons of indicators. As an example: how would you serialize an EntityManager which holds a pessimistic lock() on the database? ^^


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> Chapter and section?
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