[cdi-dev] prd review

Mark Struberg struberg at yahoo.de
Sat Nov 3 03:40:23 EDT 2012

Hi folks!

I think there are still a few paragraphs in there which I personally thought we already dropped again

I gonna review the spec page by page the next 2 weeks.

in 'Foreward' (btw shouldn't that be 'Foreword'?)

* "Ability to veto beans declaratively using @Veto and @Requires"
I thought we dropped @Requires as it's not really possible to implement that properly? That would require any scanning mechanism to know CDI and it's mechanics.
 At least this references to a valid paragraph ;) -> should get fixed too.

* "Ability to access the BeanManager from the ServletContext"
Didn't we drop that as well? I wasnt able to find the definition in the rest of the spec.

* "Ability to obtain Extension instances from BeanManager" 
As above, do we really have this now? Thought we dont need it as its perfectly possible to @Inject Extensions since CDI-1.0

Foreword misses a reference to CDI-18 which is imo the most important change.

Just for the start :)


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