[cdi-dev] cyclic references

Mark Struberg struberg at yahoo.de
Sat Nov 24 11:58:28 EST 2012

Hi Folks!

I know we already discussed that cyclic references in @PostConstruct and @Inject methods are not allowed (btw, did we also nail this down in the spec properly? This is implicitly defined in commons-annotations).

But what about @PreDestroy? As the destroy order is not defined for normalscoped beans it could happen that a bean already got wiped and destroyed while another one likes to access it. So it's not only a problem of cycles, but might also happen without.



public class BeanA {
  @Inject BeanB b;

  public void destroyMe() {



public class BeanB {
  public void dosomething() {..}

  public void dropDatabaseConnection() {...}


Now lets imagine that BeanB got destroyed earlier than BeanA ....

It's atm purely random. Imo this is ok, but should we point users to this behaviour?


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