[cdi-dev] [Vote] @ApplicationScoped and visibility

Mark Struberg struberg at yahoo.de
Mon Nov 26 16:12:20 EST 2012

As Joe already mentioned, maybe we should split this into EJBs with CDI annotations on them and 'pure CDI beans'?

In the case of pure CDI beans like @Dependent or JSR-330 beans - basically all beans without a proxy - I have no clue where one would do the TCCL switch.

> I read what Jozef said to mean "It's not correct ...". And he is 
> correct, as he says Weld does behave like (b) in edge cases, however it 
> certainly doesn't behave like (b) in mainstream cases.

Show off, Pete ;)
I already published a few examples for @Specializes, @Alternatives and could easily add @Decorator and @Interceptor examples. All show 1.(b) behaviour on Weld, GlassFish, JBossAS, etc. I'm still missing a single example where it's a clear 1.(a) in an EAR scenario.. 

To again emphasise this: there is no single container which is _not_ broken for EAR right now the one way or the other. We could of course keep this backward compatible ;)


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>>>  I believe the OWB actually follows 1a
>>>  as the question is currently written.  When the EJB is executing,
>>>  the thread context classloader would be that of the ejb module so the 
> correct
>>>  bean would be injected for that module. 
>>  Nope, OWB follows 1b and is thus perfectly in sync with all the other EE 
> containers I tested (feel free to grab my app and test yourself!). CDI != EJB. 
> There is (currently) no magical TCCL change involved in any CDI call chain. Not 
> in OWB and also not in Weld so far afaik. 
> Right. Weld never sets the TCCL. But other things such as EJB might to in JBoss 
> AS. Stuart, can you comment?

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