[cdi-dev] CDI: Injection needed in at runtime created objects.

Caroline Van den Hauwe caroline.van.den.hauwe at gmail.com
Mon Apr 22 04:46:43 EDT 2013


My Java EE app acts as a server to clients. When a client makes a certain request to the server, I want to make a Configuration object. This Configuration object should Inject 3 objects, based on XML data I received from the client. Additionally, I'm keeping Configuration objects in a HashMap. 

The problem is, CDI only wants to do Injection in a Managed Bean, a.k.a. I would have to Inject this Configuration object and not create it through 'new Configuration()'. 

How then, can I create a Configuration object whenever a client makes the certain request? 
How then, can I pass the information in the XML my client sent me, to the Configuration object? 

I have posted this question, phrased differently, including simplified code to Stack Overflow as well: 

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