[cdi-dev] Lifecycle Callback Interceptor and @Target "METHOD"

Jens Schumann jens.schumann at openknowledge.de
Wed Apr 24 08:17:39 EDT 2013

Hi all!

While testing Weld 2.0.0.CR4 I have been running into a DefinitionException because of an interceptor that contains one @AroundInvoke and one @PostConstruct method. Since I use this interceptor at class AND method level it declares @Target({ElementType.METHOD, ElementType.TYPE}). The error message seems to indicate that I can not have a lifecycle callback interceptor with @Target METHOD:

"WELD-000619 An interceptor for lifecycle callbacks Interceptor XX declares and interceptor binding interface YYY with METHOD as its @Target."

Is this true? I just checked the current CDI 1.1 and Interceptor 1.2 spec and could not find this kind of restriction.

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