[cdi-dev] split TCK for web-profile and full-profile

Mark Struberg struberg at yahoo.de
Thu May 23 02:50:57 EDT 2013

Hi folks!

This is a common issue in many EE TCKs, but we have the same for CDI.

The web-profile spec mentions the following:

"WP.2.3 Additional Requirements 
Web Profile products must support the deployment of Java EE web
application modules (.war files). No other modules types are required to be

Thus there is just no necessity to support EAR deployment at all in a web-profile container. 

We should have 3 categories in our TCK:

* standalone
* incontainer (web-profile)

* infullcontainer (full-profile)

incontainer might e.g. for EJB get used for the embedded mode.

txs and LieGrue,

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