[cdi-dev] Having an official CDI tutorial and user forum

Arne Limburg arne.limburg at openknowledge.de
Mon Nov 18 08:27:05 EST 2013

Hi Pete,

Great idea, that tutorial was the one that came to my mind at first, when
I read Antoines mail.


Am 18.11.13 14:10 schrieb "Pete Muir" unter <pmuir at redhat.com>:

>Hi Antoine,
>There is the great tutorial written by Gavin, that until now we have
>folded into the Weld ref guide. My suggestion is to extract it back out
>again, and add a section for getting started with each impl of CDI.
>We would include sections I, II, III and IV. We would expand II to cover
>other impls (hopefully getting contributions from these teams).
>On 18 Nov 2013, at 09:07, Antoine Sabot-Durand <antoine at sabot-durand.net>
>> Hi all,
>> First excuse my french in previous meeting invites. Obviously Google
>>can speak english to you and keep sending french invitation ;).
>> I launch this thread in reaction to the  FUD or inaccuracies about CDI
>>one can find on the web like this post [1]).
>> As the spec is quite long to read and very theoretic, I think it would
>>be useful to provide an official CDI 1.1 tutorial on cdi-spec site. It
>>could allows us to be sure that people have an official overview of the
>>spec and could be enhanced with use cases we would encounter on the web
>>(stack overflow or other).
>> I have the feeling such content is already nearly written by people in
>>this ML, so if you have written introduction tutorial to CDI and agree
>>to be reused on official site it would be great and time saving for me.
>> In the same idea of community federation, I think it could be useful to
>>launch a forum (Google group or other) to allow people to ask informal
>>question about CDI and its eco system. People starting using CDI or
>>casual users won¹t use this mailing list and all of them think to use
>>site like Stack Overflow. It would also a good mean to enhance our FAQ.
>> What do you think ?
>> Antoine
>> [1] http://blog.frankel.ch/my-case-against-autowiring
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