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You’ll find the 11/18/2013 meeting notes here [1]. The asciidoc source below :

= CDI EG meeting 11/18/2013 notes on CDI 1.1.1 MR

The goal of this 1st meeting was to organize the MR launching, and start discussing its content
The following people assisted this meeting :

* Pete Muir (pm)
* Mark Struberg (ms)
* Jozef Hartinger (jh)
* Joseph Bergmark (jb)
* Arne Limburg (al)
* Antoine Sabot-Durand (asd)

== Proposed Agenda 

The following agenda was proposed by *asd*

1. MR proposed roadmap 
2. Content of the proposed list 
3. Try to have a 1st decision on big tickets (tickets with great impact on implementation or spec) 
 * CDI-377 : automatic JSR-330 annotation processing problematic 
 * CDI-370 : Expand @RequestScoped and @SessionScoped to account for WebSocket 
 * others 

== Proposed Roadmap
As we should run the MR in 60 days and that we cannot change its content after its start we proposed the following roadmap

* 16th Dec - list of issues complete
* 6th Jan - Maintenance review starts
* 7th March - Maintenance review ends
* 21st March - Maintenance ballot ends

This roadmap integrates the holidays constraints as well. It'll be confirmed after the meeting *pm* and *asd* will have with the JCP on 11/26 

== Content of the proposed list

*asd* stressed on the fact that the long proposed list won't probably fit in the MR but that would be nice to provide them a status.
We decided to deal the most important ticket first. 

== list of tickets

=== https://issues.jboss.org/browse/CDI-377[CDI-377 : automatic JSR-330 annotation processing problematic]
All the participant agreed that this ticket could be quite tricky. 2 scenario for solving it

* Having an umbrella scanning mechanism : beyond CDI and off course the MR.*pm* took note of escalate this need to the JCP
* in the meantime could investigate an exclusion in beans.xml. this solution is to be explored and if we have an agreement we could provide a fix in MR scope
=== https://issues.jboss.org/browse/CDI-370[CDI-370 : Expand @RequestScoped and @SessionScoped to account for WebSocket]
A tricky issue as well. No one in the EG has a sufficient knowloedge of websocket sepc to statute ont in so *pm* propose to ask help to *Matthias Wessendorf* 

Other tickets related to `@RequestScoped` clarification 

* https://issues.jboss.org/browse/CDI-379[CDI-379 Clarify life cycle of RequestScoped]
* https://issues.jboss.org/browse/CDI-381[CDI-381 and other request scope related ticket]
* https://issues.jboss.org/browse/CDI-406[CDI-406 Make stereotypes bean defining annotations]

[1] http://docgist.nawroth.se/?dropbox-2898173%2Fcdi%2520eg%2Fmeetings%2F2013-11-18_EG-meeting.asc

Antoine Sabot-Durand /@antoine_sd
CDI co-spec lead
CDI eco-system development
Agorava tech lead

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