[cdi-dev] Today's meeting agenda

Antoine Sabot-Durand antoine at sabot-durand.net
Mon Nov 25 05:13:28 EST 2013

Hi all,

Here are the points I’d like to discuss in our meeting today :

1) Back on Websocket + RequestScoped issue : CDI-370 : Expand @RequestScoped and @SessionScoped to account for WebSocket 
Stuart Douglas will be our Guest Star to help us sort out if we can fix this issue on CDI side and if yes, if it’s doable in the MR timeframe

2) If there’s time left let’s discuss the following point :

- CDI-406 Make stereotypes bean defining annotations
    Should we define all stereotype as a bean definition annotation or should clarify the fact that it’s not the case in the spec ?

- CDI-404 adding bean-defining annotations for Interceptor while setting bean-discovery-mode=« annotated » 

- CDI-389 Revert CDI-85 (an easy one)

- CDI-397 Clarify Section 6.6.3 regarding singletons
  An ambiguity, we all agree to clarify. I’d had we should check for all singleton occurrence in the spec (they seems all related to EJB) and perhaps think for a mention about singleton scope

- CDI-395 Public fields in extensions should not be allowed (also easy to decide)

I you’d like to have other issues put in priority please tell me. I took those to have a mix sample…



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