[cdi-dev] How to specify priority of interceptor registered as custom bean?

Gunnar Morling gunnar at hibernate.org
Wed Jan 15 04:56:06 EST 2014


Using a CDI portable extension, I'm registering a custom bean which
represents an interceptor (by implementing the
javax.enterprise.inject.spi.Interceptor interface).

My question now is how to specify the priority of that interceptor.
Intuitively I had expected a method such as Interceptor#getPriority(), but
there isn't such method.

In section 9 the spec says extensions could "override the interceptor order
defined by the @Priority annotation" and refers to section 11.5.2 which
introduces AfterTypeDiscovery#getInterceptors(). So I could use this to add
my interceptor, but I don't see how I could specify the priority while
doing so.

How can this be achieved?

Many thanks,

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