[cdi-dev] Renaming the Spec for CDI 2.0 ?

Arne Limburg arne.limburg at openknowledge.de
Wed Jul 2 07:45:38 EDT 2014

Hi Antoine,

No problem with that. A question comes to my mind on that: What is the
official name of JSR-330 (@Inject)? We should not clash with it. But I
guess, at least the "Contexts" is missing from their name.


Am 02.07.14 13:40 schrieb "Antoine Sabot-Durand" unter
<antoine at sabot-durand.net>:

>As we intend to include Java SE support, Martin propose to rename the
>complete name of the spec « Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java EE
>» by removing the EE. New name would be « Contexts and Dependency
>Injection for Java ».
>On the principle I¹m ok with that except if it brings issue with the JCP
>or Java EE 8 EC. What do you think ?

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