[cdi-dev] Feedback from Devoxx

Antoine Sabot-Durand antoine at sabot-durand.net
Mon Nov 17 08:57:27 EST 2014

Hi all,

Just to give you a small feedback of my Devoxx week regarding CDI and CDI 2.0 (for the rest, what happens in Devoxx stays in Devoxx ;) )

1) Great expectations:
I’m not going to state the obvious, but end user and other specs are watching us and expect a lot from CDI 2.0 (the question of total EJB replacement came more than once)

2) Antonin Stefanutti and myself delivered a very valuable content in our CDI advanced university. I don’t remember being so proud of a talk material I released before. I encourage you to give it an eye and use it if you want. you can watch it on Slideshare [1] or grab the source slides on Antonin’s Github repo [2] 

3) Other spec are really willing to have a better integration.
I met JMS, Servlet, JSF and MVC spec leaders, they all are looking for a better integration with CDI and are ok to take CDI specific part related to their spec back in their spec (Servlet and JSF mostly). Working with them will bring a more consistent Java EE and will reduce extra code from the spec.

4) After months of discussion I finally met Jurgen Hoeller (Spring Framework) and Christian Gruber (Dagger and Guice) and we all agreed on a new version or MR of AtInject spec. Juergen will probably be the spec lead and we hope to have the big work done before mid 2015 (cross finger) to met our various agenda. That will probably add extra work for CDI 2.0 but will bring clarity and a good signal to the community. Thanks to Antonio who helped me on this.
For those who remember the history of JSR 330 and JSR 299 the following picture will be nearly an historical one ;) [3]


[1] http://www.slideshare.net/antoinesd/going-further-with-cdi-41411812
[2] https://github.com/astefanutti/further-cdi
[3] http://twitter.com/antoine_sd/status/533710069255667712/photo/1 

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