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Guys, don’t forget the commons annotation specification since we’re going to ask for a MR for it. It could be a convenient solution to share annotation without having a huge dependency to have it (think of SE).


> Le 17 nov. 2014 à 16:53, Antonio Goncalves <antonio.goncalves at gmail.com> a écrit :
> @Startup could also make sense in Concurrency in Java EE, like @Pooling (there's thread pools behind).  BTW I was talking to the Oracle guys and it looks like the Concurrency spec will be updated in EE 8... I don't know how far the update will go.
> As for the JMS stuff, we talked with Nigel and he likes the idea of MDB replacement going to where it belongs : the JMS spec
> Antonio
> On Mon, Nov 17, 2014 at 4:28 PM, arjan tijms <arjan.tijms at gmail.com <mailto:arjan.tijms at gmail.com>> wrote:
> Hi,
> On Mon, Nov 17, 2014 at 2:57 PM, Antoine Sabot-Durand
> <antoine at sabot-durand.net <mailto:antoine at sabot-durand.net>> wrote:
> > Just to give you a small feedback of my Devoxx week regarding CDI and CDI 2.0 (for the rest, what happens in Devoxx stays in Devoxx ;) )
> >
> > 1) Great expectations:
> > [...] (the question of total EJB replacement came more than once)
> I heard this a number of times as well, both before and during Devoxx.
> A great number of issues for decoupling EJB features (meaning,
> providing CDI based replacements) have already been created as spec
> issues:
> * Decoupling the @Schedule annotation from the EJB component model (EJB_SPEC-1)
> * Decoupling the TimerService API from the EJB component model (EJB_SPEC-2)
> * Decoupling the @Asynchronous annotation from the EJB component model
> (EJB_SPEC-3)
> * Decoupling the @Lock/@AccessTimeout annotations from the EJB
> component model (EJB_SPEC-4)
> * Decoupling the @Startup/@DependsOn annotations from the EJB
> component model (EJB_SPEC-19)
> * Standardize Pooling and Decouple from EJB Component Model (EJB_SPEC-113)
> * Redefine Message Driven Beans as Managed Beans (EJB_SPEC-18)
> * Standardize Abstractions for Common Message Processing Patterns (JMS_SPEC-154)
> * Allow Java EE components other than MDBs to consume messages
> asynchronously (JMS_SPEC-100)
> * Bind JMS to CDI events and/or business interfaces (JMS_SPEC-88)
> * Support for "self" injection (CDI-414)
> * Allow access-control related JSR-250 security annotations on managed
> * Support @RolesAllowed on a Servlet (SERVLET_SPEC-29)
> There are some additional features that may not yet have been covered
> (but maybe I missed them), such as:
> * Control over passivation
> * Support for the extended persistence context
> * Destroying a bean whenever an exception occurs (I was just working
> on this the other week)
> * Logging the exception thrown by a bean (yes, trivial, but part of EJB)
> * The concept where every method call on a proxy is routed to another
> bean instance, which is then automatically unavailable for other calls
> as long as it doesn't return (related to the "Standardize Pooling"
> issue)
> * Binary remoting without all the explicit mapping that's needed for
> say JAX-RS  (yes, thorny issue which we may not wish to support
> anymore?)
> * General support for @RolesAllowed/@RunAs etc (often mentioned, and
> two issues for JSF managed beans resp Servlets were created, but no
> general issue)
> The question is perhaps where all this functionality should live.
> TimerService and @Asynchronous in the concurrency spec?
> All JMS/messaging listener stuff (aka MDB replacements) in the JMS spec?
> @RolesAllowed etc in the security spec (if that spec will actually happen)
> @Startup in the CDI spec itself?
> Destroying bean on exception in CDI spec?
> But where should e.g. pooling belong?
> Kind regards,
> Arjan Tijms
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