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Anatole Tresch atsticks at gmail.com
Mon Oct 6 02:28:02 EDT 2014

Hi All

I would like to give you a short summary on Java (EE) Configuration after
haviong discussed things with multiple stakeholders:

   - There is not enough momentum for SE related JSR as of now. That is
   basically not that bad as it sounds, since we can still tweak
   - The current SE related Configuration Proposal (and existing
   experimental code) is planned to be released into a new Apache Incubator
   project, where different stakeholders (Walmart, Sixt, Credit Suisse, LJC,
   SouJava, JUG Berlin Brandenburg, Redhat? ) can help to get that library to
   top level quality quickly. This way we can quite probably gain further
   assistance and support and might be able to file a JSR a bit later. This
   plan is well aligned with people from Oracle as well as Tomitriibe (David
   - In the meantime Oracle proposed, we should take up Java (EE)
   configuration within CDI 2.0. Reza Razman meant that there were huge cost
   cuts be one of the reasons, why things were not further evolving there.
   This could change within the next year again and we should start with the
   work nevertheless in the meantime. It could even be that there will be some
   kind of JSR started for this as well.

So summarizing, it would be probably a good idea to "restart" the
configuration stream, I assume. Unfortunately I will miss the IRC chat this
week quite probably due to holidays.


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