[cdi-dev] Important improvements for product development in CDI 2.0

Thomas Andraschko andraschko.thomas at gmail.com
Fri Oct 17 17:17:06 EDT 2014


we have a big product with many subproducts/projects and customizations for
some customers.
CDI and JSF is really doing a great job here but i found 2 really annoying
issues which could be improved:

- CDI-224: Allow decoration on classes, not only on interfaces

  We created many interfaces the last months for our beans just to get
decoration working
  This is really annoying as this interfaces are just overhead and actually
senseless for us.

- CDI-407: Specify @Named @Alternatives

  Currently its not defined what should happen if a alternative has a
@Named and is activated via    beans.xml in the current app:

  @Named public class A
  @Named @Alternative public class B extends A

   or even something like:

  @Named public class A
  @Specializes public class B extends A
  @Named @Alternative public class B2 extends B

  IMO B and B2 should also be available via EL "a".

This are really important issues for standard cases.
It would be great to see it in CDI 2.0.

Best regards,
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