[cdi-dev] microbenchmark for CDI performance

Mark Struberg struberg at yahoo.de
Tue Oct 21 05:59:32 EDT 2014


Weld folks, I need some help with a micro benchmark:

You know we've talked about disk footprint in SE, so I hacked together a small microbenchmark and as a side effect we also got what is really needed to have CDI running


I'm curious about missing some dependency excludes for Weld.

could you please run 

$> mvn clean dependency:copy-dependencies -DincludeScope=compile -PWeld -Dweld.version=2.2.5.Final
$> ls -al target/dependency/

and tell me which dependencies can be without having some CDI functionality missing?

Feel free to pimp the pom and ship a pull request.

txs and LieGrue,

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