[cdi-dev] [VOTE] Using @Priority to order events instead of adding a parameter in @Observes

Antoine Sabot-Durand antoine at sabot-durand.net
Tue Oct 28 04:56:14 EDT 2014

To add events ordering feature we have two choices:

1) Use @Priority from common annotation specification (JSR-250)  (vote +1)
- more consistent with other ordering mechanism we already have in CDI (Interceptors, decorators, Alternatives)
- more Java EE consistent

- time consumed in JSR 250 MR participation (@Priority must be update to support parameter for target)
- as @Priority is not part of Java SE, CDI light on java SE will have to add the jsr250 jar as dependency only to have this annotation (which will make it a little less light)

2) Add a parameter to @Observes annotation to give order to an observer (vote -1)
- works out of the box (we can add this property without ask for other specs modification)
- avoid two annotations to declare an ordered observer (simpler usage)

- less Java EE spirit
- could be seen as an inconsistency with the way we order Interceptors, Decorators and Alternatives.


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How to vote? Answer this mail and vote +1 (for @Priority) 0 or -1(for parameter in @Observes)
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