[cdi-dev] [VOTE] Using @Priority to order events instead of adding a parameter in @Observes

Werner Keil werner.keil at gmail.com
Tue Oct 28 06:13:51 EDT 2014

+1 for 1)

Unlike @Inject the Maven JAR for JSR-250 is a bit bigger (~20kb) but there
are existing dependencies that are not part of the JDK, most notably

Not sure, if subpackages like "security" or "sql" under 250 matter at all,
if not, we could explore if the ideas for "stripping" libraries proposed by
Oracle may also work for SE/EE. This was discussed by OpenJDK architects
including Mark Reinhold with the EC. So far no real progress on that, but
till this JSR goes final or EE 8 it could work to get dependencies a bit
lighter, too.

It is likely, some annotation JSRs not just 250 need overhaul, e.g. to
finally make use of JSR-308, so an MR for 250 could be cumbersome, but
seems much easier here than e.g. bringing JSR-305 back to life;-)


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> Subject: [cdi-dev] [VOTE] Using @Priority to order events instead of
>         adding  a parameter in @Observes
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> To add events ordering feature we have two choices:
> 1) Use @Priority from common annotation specification (JSR-250)  (vote +1)
> pros:
> - more consistent with other ordering mechanism we already have in CDI
> (Interceptors, decorators, Alternatives)
> - more Java EE consistent
> cons:
> - time consumed in JSR 250 MR participation (@Priority must be update to
> support parameter for target)
> - as @Priority is not part of Java SE, CDI light on java SE will have to
> add the jsr250 jar as dependency only to have this annotation (which will
> make it a little less light)
> 2) Add a parameter to @Observes annotation to give order to an observer
> (vote -1)
> pros:
> - works out of the box (we can add this property without ask for other
> specs modification)
> - avoid two annotations to declare an ordered observer (simpler usage)
> cons:
> - less Java EE spirit
> - could be seen as an inconsistency with the way we order Interceptors,
> Decorators and Alternatives.
> ????????????????????
> Who can vote?  Everybody registered to this ML can vote. All votes will be
> binding
> How to vote? Answer this mail and vote +1 (for @Priority) 0 or -1(for
> parameter in @Observes)
> Vote will be closed in 72 hours
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